Saturday, August 6, 2011

Using the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection to Eliminate the Effects of Stress

The mind-body-spirit connection to stress embraces the
probability that stress can contribute to illness. In a positive
state, the mind promotes better immune functioning for the
body. Our will, or spirit, contributes to our well-being.
Depression can lead to ill health and bad habits that can lead
to disease. If your spirit is low, it can lower the immune system
and bring on disease. Stress comes from lack of hope
and leads to negative or ill health. Ill health can cause more
stress. If you are under stress, use your mind to control your
experience of stress.
While negative thoughts cause a lowering of the
immune system and disease, positive thoughts can enhance
the immune system. It is the spirit within us that needs to
guide us positively. Use the mind-body-spirit connection to
transform stress into positive energy. Life is a series of lessons
to be learned, and once they are learned, their adversity
can disappear. The mind-body-spirit connection can
control our level of stress. If a problem exists and you do
your daily cleaning routine, emphasizing your health first,
it will help you put stress into proper perspective. Feelings of hope and renewed optimism can promote better
immune function for the body. Hope and optimism reduce
fear and allow the body to move in a positive direction.
Stress and its connection to oral health are not addressed
in textbooks or scientifically recorded. I have observed that
many of my patients, however, when tired and stressed out,
seem to have puffy and swollen gum tissue. After changing
jobs or returning from vacations, these same patients suddenly
have remarkably healthy tissue. Stress-related problems
have been studied in dentistry, and the findings in many
countries are that when there is less stress, there are fewer
problems with teeth and gums.


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