Saturday, August 6, 2011


Have you been told that you have periodontal disease? Do
you dread losing your teeth? My book will guide you to the
truth about gum disease. Reversing Gum Disease Naturally
is packed with information you need to help you keep your
natural teeth. Treatment of gum disease does not have to be
the painful experience that unfortunately has been for some
of my patients who have been treated by hygienists practicing
other techniques. Reading this book will acquaint you
with oral hygiene and help you learn what you can do to
keep healthy gums and teeth.

Gum tissue is a covering around the roots of our teeth
that is in great need of massage and cleansing. We abuse our
mouths regularly by grinding and clenching our teeth, and
by eating foods with sugar and spices. Many of us also eat
sticky, adhesive-type foods. At my hygiene center, I work with natural herbs that feed the gum tissue in healthy ways.
Ninety percent of the cure for gum disease entails not only
patient education but motivation in terms of dental hygiene
home care. Proper instruction will allow and foster corrective
home care maintenance.
Articles and advertisements on plaque and tartar talk
about bacteria invading the structures of the mouth. But
what about the fragile tissue that holds these bacteria? If we
condition gum tissue on a regular basis, we would not have
a holding pocket for food and bacteria to sit next to the tooth
and bone! Bacteria will always be present in the body and
mouth, but we can learn to nurture our mouth and gently
bring it to a healthy state.
When I began my career twenty-six years ago, I saw that
people had tremendous problems with the loss of adult teeth.
Even though I was instructed to teach patients to brush and
floss, I saw that brushing and flossing were not enough. I
noticed that the patients’ gum tissue seemed stretched and
loose around crowns and bridges, areas where there is much
irritation to the surrounding tissue due to crown margins and
materials used for crowns and bridges. As I continued to
evaluate the condition of these patients, I saw the need for
greater tissue-hygiene control.
As a dedicated practitioner, I researched and evaluated
products from all over the world that can help heal these
conditions, and I brought them back home to offer to my
own patients. I developed and marketed a “home care kit”
containing a toothbrush, baking soda toothpaste, rubber tip,
mirror, and instructional brochure. This kit has been promoted
at the International Gift Show and at dental trade
shows. As a result of this, I have been interviewed by many trade magazines. I continue to get a great deal of publicity
for my efforts, and this has led me to travel all over the world
seeking the best products that are available.
I now have a Tooth Spa on Madison Avenue in New York
City, where my colleagues and I work on gums as well as
clean and whiten teeth. I had a book published, The Hygiene
Professional: A Partner in Dentistry, to help train other dental
hygienists to work in the same fashion. After the evolution
of the Tooth Spa came the creation of a character aptly
named the Tooth Fairy. Using this character, I initiated the
first dental hygiene educational show on cable television,
called The Tooth Fairy Show. I have written a series of five
children’s books, Tooth Fairy City, to help motivate and educate
children, and have even lectured in hospitals and
schools dressed as the Tooth Fairy!
After reading my book, you will have an excellent
chance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and you will
not be misled by the “business” of dentistry. The information
contained in this book will help you work better with
your dental professional, and also to control the maintenance
of your mouth by yourself. Your teeth and gums will
let you know how they are feeling, and as you become
acquainted with various problems, you will be able to work
on them as they arise. Whatever you do, do not wait until the
problems become so severe that they are more difficult to


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